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Using ChatGPT to Draw Sequence Diagram

To use ChatGPT to generate a sequence diagram, you can provide a description of the system and the interactions between its components. The description should be written in a clear and concise manner

3D Printered Switch Blocker Cherry MX

Are you tired of accidentally hitting the wrong keys on your keyboard? Do you find yourself losing precious time because of a rogue Caps Lock or Windows key? Or maybe you’re like me and have a keybo

Gsource on Mac

It is often difficult to tell how hard developers are working to non-IT folks. Usually I try to let them watch gsource. Setting up gsource on Mac is not difficult but it has several steps. First, you

Mark Six master on Linux/Mac

Mark six is a lottery in Hong Kong. You can pick 6 numbers from 49 numbers in the lottery ticket. There are many single line command to generate 6 numbers from 1 to 49, python 2 1python -c 'impo

My Fiddler Cookbook

Fiddler is my favorite debugging proxy on Windows. Usually, I use Python to write simple debugging proxy which is usually less than 30 lines until it needs https. Enabling https decryption That’s why