How To Setup Root Certificate For MITM Proxy On iOS

Trusting root certificate for debugging proxy such as browsermob-proxy for iOS is pretty strict forward. You can download the certificate from ca-certificate-rsa.cer on Device’s Safari. You can also drag the file into the Simulator.

  1. Tap on Allow to install the cert

  2. Tap Install on the upper right

  3. Again, tap Install on the upper right

  4. Install

  5. Once verified, tap on Done. The certificate is installed

  6. To trust the certificate as Root Certificate, goto About in General

  7. Scoll down untill you see Certificate Trust Settings

  8. Toggle on the LittleProxy MITM to trust it

  9. Tap Continue to trust it as Root Certificate

  10. Done. Now all traffic can be intercepted by the proxy without any complain