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3D Printered Switch Blocker Cherry MX

Are you tired of accidentally hitting the wrong keys on your keyboard? Do you find yourself losing precious time because of a rogue Caps Lock or Windows key? Or maybe you’re like me and have a keybo

Human still wins in an investment competition

Despite the best players lost in the game of Go against Google’s AI, human still wins in a local investment competition in 2017. The competition has two group of investor, an individual group with hum

Share a Coke with Neo

My friend brought me a bottle of coke with my name from his South Africa business trip, You can check for the available names. There are similar activity in U.K. as we

Minecraft Map for Hong Kong

首先做左個 5000x5000 pixels 既 height map, 每個 pixel 對應 Minecraft 1m, 而香港南至北大約係 50,000m (50km),咁所以產生出黎既 Minecraft 地圖比例係一比十 一比十之下喺 minecraft 因為可視距離既問題唔係太覺得自己身處香港既地形,所以要開 map viewer 黎睇得遠d 先有以下效果, 比較明顯係香港島既山勢

野柳 - 價值很低的化石

今次介紹的是遠看怪石林立的野柳, 走進去更加多奇怪有趣的東西呢。 這張就是海膽的化石。初時還以為是花或者樹幹的化石呢 記得海星與海膽是屬同一種類,還有海參與水母啊! 海星有五隻手,、而海膽也像海星一樣是整齊的分開五分,最中間的星形相信是口部,大的五星有甚麼作用我就不知了。然後就是外圍的六角形硬殼片,與中心的五星格格不入,這他是我以為他是樹幹的原因。海膽不是一整個嗎? 為甚麼看似是一片片? 其實海