Google Map shows traffic alert during route planning in Hong Kong

My new workplace is in Tung Chung and I take bus and MTR. I was thinking whether driving would be a good option during the ride this morning. I opened Google Map on iOS, tapped on destination and checked which route is better. To my surprise, one of the route shows traffic alert!

This feature only exists in Apple Map exclusively in some city such as New York City, and I never thought it would have in Hong Kong. I switched over starting point and destination.

Tung Chung to Hong Kong Island. It seems the traffic alert is for the eastbound only,

Switch over to Hong Kong Island to Tung Chung. Confirm that westbound traffic is normal,

I checked websites about the traffic alert but no related information. Related alert was found after I had back to office 10 minutes later,

I am pretty sure the traffic incident reports is in real-time! Hooray!

The traffic incident reports source may come from Hong Kong government,