Open Data from Hong Kong

Open Data from Hong Kong


Air Quality Health Index (Common name, Air Pollution Index API)

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Hong Kong Observatory

ChannelDescriptionUpdate Frequency
Weather Warning SummaryProvide a summary of the weather warning(s) in force in Hong Kong (note)As necessary
Weather Warning InformationProvide detailed information of weather warning(s) in force (note)As necessary
Local Weather ForecastProvide local weather forecast for today and/or tomorrowAround 45 minutes past each hour, 16:15 HKT, 23:15HKT and as necessary
Current Weather ReportProvide current weather report of Hong KongAround 2 minutes past each hour and as necessary
9-day Weather ForecastProvide 9-day weather forecast of Hong KongAround 11:30HKT, 16:30HKT and as necessary
Quick Earthquake MessagesProvide information on earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 or above worldwide, as analyzed by the Hong Kong ObservatoryAs necessary
Locally Felt Earth Tremor ReportProvide reports on earth tremors felt in Hong KongAs necessary
What’s NewProvide information about new services and latest news of Hong Kong ObservatoryAs necessary
HKO@YouTubeProvide the latest weather video clip on Hong Kong Observatory’s YouTube ChannelEvery Friday afternoon and as necessary

API Specification in OpenAPI 3.0

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