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Testing Android Wear Integration

We have integrated a messaging app with Android Wear in emulator. The Android Wear can receive notification, reply to message and initiate a VoIP call on the mobile App,

為 Android Emulator 加速

一直以黎 Android emulator 最為人垢為病就係佢嘅啟動速度同埋運行速度。用返 Intel Atom x86 唧 system image 會幫到少少但係唔多。直到上年 Intel 出左 Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution (HAX) 情況就完全改善。以往由 Android 唧 boot animation 到入到去左 screen lock 要成

EAN 13 check digits with PHP

Calculate check digits for EAN13, 12345678910111213141516171819function ean13_check_digit($digits) { //first change digits to a string so that we can access individual numbers $digits =(string)

Serendipity migrate to WordPress - Categories

我將個blog 由 serendipity migrate 到 Wordpress, 期間我寫 script 黎 migrate Category,因為發覺 Seredipity 同 WordPress 既 database design mindset 有d 唔同而喺 database design 亦常遇到類似既問題所以順便拎出黎講講。 Serendipity 喺處埋 categories 方