Archive: 2014

iOS 8 time-lapse videos

I have installed iOS 8 beta 3 into a iPhone 4s. The default camera now supports taking time-lapse videos. Taking time-lapse video in camera is very simple because you do not have any options… It takes

Testing Android Wear Integration

We have integrated a messaging app with Android Wear in emulator. The Android Wear can receive notification, reply to message and initiate a VoIP call on the mobile App,

Share a Coke with Neo

My friend brought me a bottle of coke with my name from his South Africa business trip, You can check for the available names. There are similar activity in U.K. as we

Test your ability on low-level hacking This is a simulation game of hacking an electronic lock. You need to have a good understanding of low-level programming. Play Watch Dog instead if you do not know Assembly.