My Fiddler Cookbook

Fiddler is my favorite debugging proxy on Windows. Usually, I use Python to write simple debugging proxy which is usually less than 30 lines until it needs https.

Enabling https decryption

That’s why my first configuration on Fiddler is Decrypting HTTPS traffic,

Check Decrypt HTTPS traffic and click OK.

It will then ask to install a Trust Root Certificate,

The scary text is a warning about https traffics will be seen by the Fiddler. Fiddler’s a root certificate is now trusted, which means Fiddler can generate certificate trusted by your applications, including your browser.

If it doesn’t promote you to install the certificate, you can have the certifcate installed with below,

A Simple Load Test

You can run a very simple load test by selecting multiple request, and then press R. Beware the response from the server may be cached in different layer of the infrastructure.

You can see how well the servers perform from the Timeline.

Sometimes you can even see the number of outgoing connection limit on Windows by checking with Timeline.

Modifying your request

You can also modify your request before sending it out,